“Be in control of your body and not at its mercy.”

- Joseph Pilates

“Be in control of your body and not at its mercy.”

- Joseph Pilates


About Stay Strong Pilates

Hi, my name is Kelley Harrington and I set up Stay Strong Pilates in 2020.  Having practised Pilates for years, I finally bit the bullet and left my old life as a (stressed out!) solicitor and retrained as a Pilates instructor with the National Training Centre in Dublin.  It was the number one best decision I could have made! Since then I have devoted my time to teaching group and one-to-one classes. My aim is for everyone to leave my classes feeling strong, motivated and energised. I look forward to seeing you on the mat! 

Online Live and On-demand classes

Kelley provides a live online intermediate level group class each week. Don’t worry if the class time doesn’t suit, you can sign up to a weekly or monthly membership that gives you access to class recordings, so you can enjoy Pilates at a time that suits you.  If you would prefer a one-to-one class, please contact Kelley to arrange.

As well as access to the live online classes and recordings of the hour long live classes, a weekly or monthly subscription will  give you access to the following videos:

Pilates for runners – 30 minute videos aimed at the runners among you. These videos focus on building muscle strength and flexibility to improve your running technique and performance.

Focus classes – 20-30 minute videos focusing on stretching or strengthening a particular area of the body.

Advanced classes – 30 minute videos with challenging exercises for the more experienced Pilates practitioners.

All about Abs – 20-30 minute videos that focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles

HIIT with Pilates – 20-30 minute vides combining high intensity cardio training with Pilates exercises

Pilates with Props – 20-30 minute videos using props such as the small ball, large fit-ball, therabands, loop bands and weights to add an extra challenge to your class.

Bite-size Pilates – 10-15 minute videos that are ideal for when your time is limited but you still want to get some movement into your day.

Pilates Programmes – 4-6 week Programmes that will add a little more focus to your Pilates practice.

Strengthen your core, improve your posture and de-stress with Stay Strong Pilates

Pilates is for everybody.  It has something to offer people of all ages and levels of fitness from beginners to elite athletes.  Pilates exercises are controlled, flowing movements performed with concentration.  As you need to focus completely on your movements, your mind feels relaxed and free from stress.  It is an exercise with both physical and mental benefits.

New to Pilates?

Kelley’s live online classes have a full body focus working to improve posture, core and muscle strength, muscle flexibility, joint mobility, balance and coordination. Modifications and progressions will be offered for each exercise allowing you to tailor the class to suit your own strength and ability. The class will start with a standing warm-up before taking it down to the mat.  The class will end with some stretching to gently wind-down the body after the work-out. Why not try this short beginner’s video to give you a gentle introduction to Pilates.