What is Pilates?

An Introduction to Pilates

Pilates is for everybody.  It has something to offer people of all ages and levels of fitness from beginners to elite athletes. 

Pilates exercises are controlled, flowing movements performed with concentration.  As you need to focus completely on your movements, your mind feels relaxed and free from stress.  It is an exercise with both physical and mental benefits.

Pilates works to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility.  In particular, it will help to strengthen your core which in turn will support your lower back and improve posture, balance and coordination.

As a committed road runner, Kelley has first-hand experience of how Pilates can complement your athletic training by developing whole-body strength and flexibility to help reduce the risk of injury. Her videos include exercises that will help runners develop core strength, flexibility, improved balance, coordination and better posture, all of which are important for injury-free running and optimal performance.